Have You Considered Living on the Intracoastal Waterway?

Many home buyers come to the Grand Strand with hearts set on a particular type of real estate, like beachfront or golf course communities. There are amazing homes to be found along the ocean and looking out to the 11th hole, of course, but home buyers with a bit of adventure in their soul may feel right at home living on the Intracoastal Waterway. Here are a few perks of the old ICW that adventuresome folks love.

1. Having your own private boat dock... right in your own back yard. Boating aficionados can walk from their back door and right down the dock to their own boat.

2. For watersport enthusiasts, nothing beats firing up the jet ski, hopping on the paddleboard, or hunkering down into their kayak or canoe just a few steps from their back porch.

3. While bird-watching can be fascinating, so can boat-watching! It's not uncommon to visit a pal who lives on the waterway and find a pair of binoculars (or a few) at the ready to get a good look at all of the interesting boats that go by throughout the day.

4. In a word, crabbing. Crabbing and crab pots are a popular sight all down the waterway near the mouth of the inlets. Just make sure to toss the females back in the water!

5. With many homes constructed and properties landscaped with their most "interesting" features facing the waterway, an ordinary boat ride becomes a unique sight-seeing opportunity. Many properties offer stunning views and fun features that are only visible from the water.

6. Many restaurants along the waterway provide docks for patrons boating in for a bite to eat. Diners arriving by boat are often presented with a more exclusive and VIP dining experience to boot. When you add in avoiding all of that tourist season traffic, boating over for dinner sounds pretty good!

Choosing a home on the Intracoastal Waterway can provide home buyers with a unique lifestyle experience not found anywhere else in the Grand Strand. Easy boat access, fresh crab, and the ability to boat over to your favorite places faster than you can drive are just a few of the perks you'll experience living on the waterway.