All homeowners would love to have the budget to move walls and install a custom shower in their bathroom, but not everyone can afford such major upgrades. However, there are still plenty of budget-friendly updates that will increase the sense of elegance and luxury in your bathroom and help you get the most out of what you do have available to spend.

Using Attention to Detail to Add Value
If your budget is more on the modest side, spending the whole amount just to move one wall may not be the best investment you can make to upgrade your bathroom. The better way to spend your home improvement budget is in addressing smaller but important details.

- New paint: A simple new coat of paint can do wonders to freshen up the look and feel of your bathroom. Choose a light neutral paint color to help the bathroom feel brighter and larger - and making all of your upgrade choices neutral and timeless will keep your bathroom from feeling dated when you are ready to sell.

- New showerhead and plumbing fixtures: Investing in a mid-range new showerhead and new faucets in a classic style give the impression of luxury while keeping budget in check.

- Install a mounted curved shower curtain bar: Attention to detail is crucial when you're working with a tight budget. Installing a curved shower curtain bar is a rather inexpensive upgrade that buyers notice.

- Replace outdated lighting fixtures: Replacing outdated lighting fixtures using existing wiring is another budget-friendly update you can make to your bathroom. While adding additional lighting can be expensive with the need for special wiring, additional switches and proper mounting, simply changing out those 1987 bulb lights for a sleek new light fixture with frosted glass domes instantly updates the space without the expense of adding and wiring up additional fixtures.

- Replace door knobs, drawer pulls, receptacle covers and switch plates: Replacing basic plastic receptacle covers and switch plates with natural stone covers or satin metal finish covers is another way to use small details to inspire a feeling of luxury. Likewise, replacing drawer pulls and door knobs in a complimenting classic satin metal finish provides a budget-friendly facelift for your bathroom.

Adding value to your home with bathroom upgrades doesn't have to a budget-busting prospect. Focusing on the smaller details is a great way to enhance a future buyer's perception of the bathroom without spending thousands. While the larger investments from part I of this series do tend to have a bigger impact on your home value, performing upgrades you can't afford or that would price your home out of your local market when combined with other upgrades you've made doesn't help you maximize the return value of your overall home improvement investments. And the best way to know if you're investing too much on upgrades? Talk to your real estate agent at Century 21 Broadhurst! They can provide information about listing prices in your local market and the maximum returns you can expect on your planned improvements in your neighborhood.