Bring in good chi and interested buyers by using feng shui principles and techniques outside your home. Feng shui isn't just for indoors! Applying feng shui outside can create a welcoming energy flow that pulls buyers interest in with it.


Plants increase the positive life chi in front of your home when used well. Choose lush plants and flowering plants for in front of your home. Flowers, in particular, convey an energy of health and well-being flowing into the home. A word of caution: avoid plants with very sharp or pointy-shaped leaves, anything with thorns and all types of cactus. These pointy and prickly plants have defensive energy that can send good chi and potential buyers away from the home. Stick with mostly rounded leaf plants for good chi flow.


Windows represent eyes, therefore your windows are the eyes of your home. It's important to keep all of the windows squeaky sparkling clean. Clean, clear windows represent clarity - clarity that helps buyers see the best features of your home. From a more practical viewpoint, dirty grimey windows give the impression of a home that is not well-cared for or maintained, which is the last thing you want a potential buyer to think about your listing.


While the paint color of your home could be limited by an HOA, the care and upkeep of it is very important. Cracked and peeling paint conveys the energy of problems hiding beneath the surface. Again, this is not an impression you want potential buyers to have of your home. Be sure to take care of and touch up the exterior paint before you list your home.

Front Door

The front door to any home is extremely important in feng shui as the front door is the primary entrance for chi to come into your home. The entrance should be easy to see from the road, be clear of any debris near the front door and have large visible house numbers. If possible (and allowed by your HOA), paint the front door red. Red is a very powerful color of attraction in feng shui and one of the most revered colors for attracting good chi.

Walkways and Sidewalks

Repair any cracks and replace any missing or uneven step stones in the walkway to your home and fix any issues with the sidewalk in front of your home. Walkways and sidewalks act much like a flowing river that pulls chi toward your home. Ensuring those pathways are as smooth as possible helps good chi flow smoothly right into your home.

Feng shui is the principle and practice of improving or optimizing the flow of good and positive energy or chi in a space - even if that space is on the outside of your home. Using these feng shui tips outside your home increase your curb appeal and the flow of good chi can attract potential buyers.