How do you know if it's time to buy a vacation home in Myrtle Beach?  The vacation home market is hot once again. Vacation home sales reached their highest level in 2014 in the United States since 2003 with a staggering 1.13 million vacation homes sold. Of all homes sold last year, 21% were vacation homes! If you've been dreaming of a vacation home of your own, now might be the right time to buy.

With Myrtle Beach being named as one of the top vacation destinations by multiple travel magazines and websites, vacation homes in Myrtle Beach are a hot commodity. Stunning beaches, tons of family-friendly attractions, great restaurants, sprawling golf courses, and exciting night life are just a few of the reasons vacationers everywhere are flocking to Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities. If your family is one that returns to the Grand Strand area year after year, you'll want to at least explore the idea of buying a Myrtle Beach vacation home.

There are many good reasons to buy a vacation home. Some reasons are strictly financial like diversifying your investments, increasing your personal assets and wealth, tax deductions, or even for use as a rental property to bring in extra income. When many buyers contemplate a vacation home, however, they're thinking of creating a family retreat where special memories are made and family traditions take shape. A vacation home is convenient and comfortable with your own personal items like furniture, toys, linens, and dishes - making it truly a home away from home. And making your family vacation home into your future retirement home is more popular than ever.

If you've been daydreaming of a place to call home while on vacation or buying a second home in a great locale for future retirement, right now is an optimal time to make that dream come true.