A newly-built home is a dream come true for many people. Few places have as many opportunities to buy a newly-constructed home as the Myrtle Beach area. New homes in Myrtle Beach are going up in seemingly record time. With so much new construction happening and the demand for builders and materials so high, there is also more opportunity for less-than-honest contractors and builders to engage in shady practices such as cutting corners to speed up the build, swapping out cheaper and sub-par materials in place of the quality materials you're paying for and skipping the little details that can have a big impact on the integrity of your home. What can you do if this happens to you?

What is Construction Forensics?
Forensics, in general, refers to investigating, testing or gathering evidence, and documenting details - often to determine the cause of a problem or situation. Construction forensics experts apply forensics principles to structures and construction projects. They often work with attorneys and can provide expert testimony for court cases. If there is a potential problem with your newly-built home, a construction forensics consultant will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if there has been wrong-doing on the part of the builder. Construction forensics experts use a variety of diagnostics, testing and assessments to find and document substandard construction practices or materials, these may include:

  • Moisture mapping
  • Air and water infiltration testing
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Roof uplift resistance testing
  • Design defect or omission investigation
  • Structural integrity evaluation
  • Construction quality control assessment


Once all of the testing and evaluation is complete, the construction forensics expert prepares a comprehensive report of all findings that is provided to the homeowner and their attorney for use in construction litigation.

What is Construction Litigation?
If you find yourself the victim of an unscrupulous builder or contractor who has used subpar materials, used defective design, or has otherwise provided poor construction, you'll want to contact an attorney or firm experienced in construction litigation immediately. There are time limitations on filing claims so time is of the essence. Poorly done construction is not only expensive and emotionally upsetting, but it can also pose a risk to the integrity of your home leading to property damage and compromising the safety of you and your family. Here are some of the common construction issues that construction litigators handle:

  • Defective roofing
  • Siding defects resulting in water intrusion and mold
  • Inferior design, materials or workmanship
  • Defective doors or windows
  • Water and humidity in areas like crawl spaces, storage spaces and attics
  • Termite infestations (after remediation or when remediation is refused)
  • Violation of building codes and failure to pass inspections
  • Warranty claims
  • Landscaping problems, improper grading and inadequate drainage

A newly-constructed home can quickly shift from dream come true to living nightmare if you are the victim of a shady contractor or builder. However, you do have options to force them to get it right or recover financial compensation to pay a separate reputable party to fix the problems. An experienced construction litigator and construction forensics expert are there to document all of the issues and help you get satisfactory resolution for construction defects.