Home staging can make or break a potential sale. It's important to show off your listing in the best light to entice as many buyers as possible. Here are some super easy home staging secrets of the pros that you can do yourself.

1. New Rugs - New rugs are a reasonably inexpensive upgrade that can have a big impact. Make sure to choose rugs that fit the rooms they're intended for - rugs that are too small or too large can look sloppy. For example, in the living room, make sure the rug is large enough that both front legs of the couch or all of the front legs of chairs rest comfortably on the rug without being placed too close together. New rugs should also incorporate the colors and style of the room to look polished.


2. New Curtains - New curtains are another affordable way to make a big impact without busting the budget. Replace heavy or room-darkening drapery with sheers and light, breezy fabrics that allow plenty of natural light from the windows into the space. Bonus Tip: Hang new curtains close to the ceiling, rather than just above the window. Also make sure the fabric reaches the floor. This helps elongate the room and create the impression of lots of space.


3. Reflection - Add mirrors, or even one large mirror with a great frame as a statement piece. Mirrors create the impression of more space and can also be used in place of personal taste items such as artwork and large family photos that could be a turn off to buyers.


4. Crisp and Clean - As you touch up paint, deep clean each room and work on your staging, think crisp and clean. Replace colored towels with fresh brand-new white towels in bathrooms and the kitchen. Choose crisp white bed linens for guest rooms or even the master bedroom - provided they are kept freshly white and don't accumulate dingy build-up.


5. Display Strategy - Remove 25% to 50% of items in bookshelves or display cases. Use remaining items in creative ways to create visual interest without looking cluttered. Mix up the way you stack books between small horizontal stacks and vertical stacks. Combine decorative bowls and other items to create a fresh but open look for each shelf. In the kitchen, stash away any possible counter appliance you can for a sleek and clean look.


6. Scent Carefully - Avoid heavy air fresheners or other strongly scented items. Heavy scents can contribute to poor indoor air quality and can give a buyer the impression of covering up other odors. The most comforting smell you can use? Bake some fresh cookies and leave them out for potential buyers to sample.


Staging your home is key when you're getting ready to list. Use these DIY home staging secrets of the pros that you can DIY to get the best bang for your listing prep budget. Most of these tips are affordable or might cost nothing but can make a big impact in the way buyers view your home.