The clutter of everyday life can often get overlooked in the process of preparing to list your home for sale. However, the benefits to busting the clutter before buyers come knocking can have a big impact on the speed and price of the sale. Clutter is distracting and can cause buyers to miss the key features that make the home special and of high value. Even worse, many buyers unconsciously equate clutter with disrepair. Here are our best clutter busting tips and tricks to prep before you list your home for sale:

  1. Focus on one room at a time. Approach each individual room as if you are the buyer and work through decluttering that room completely before moving to the next. This approach helps you notice the small details you might otherwise miss. Make sure to include personal items, such as family or wedding photos, in your decluttering process.
  2. Sort, pack, donate and toss as you go. As you declutter and depersonalize each room, sort items as you go into three categories - pack, donate or toss. For items you want to keep for your next home, pack those into moving boxes and transfer them to storage or the new home as you go. Unwanted items in good condition can be set aside and taken up for donation each day or two. The remaining items should be either trash or recycle. An added bonus - this makes your future moving day much easier!
  3. Consult with a home stager before removing furniture. If you plan to work with a professional home stager, have your consultation before moving out furnishings. If the stager can use good condition furniture in the home already, it can save you money on furniture rental. If you aren't working with a stager, streamline furnishings to the minimum required in each room. The non-essential furniture should be moved to storage or the new home. Wall-to-wall furniture makes rooms appear smaller and add to a cluttered feeling.
  4. Reduce belongings by half and store out of view - in every room. Unless you already live a minimalist lifestyle, chances are you can remove about half of everything in your home and still have quite a lot remaining. In the kitchen, remove fridge magnets, rarely used cookware and bakeware, that extra set of dishes and grandma's turkey platter. Toss expired condiments, questionable left-overs and anything you haven't used in the last month from the fridge. In closets, reduce clothing and shoes by half. Instead of storing shoes on the floor, use woven baskets and store on the shelf to keep the floor clear.
  5. Keep safety in mind. When you list your home, many people will be walking through your living space (including children). Be sure to store things like prescription medications out of sight or in a lockbox, store your toothbrush out of sight/reach and store any necessary cleaning supplies up out of reach of little hands. In the garage, move potentially dangerous items, such as power tools, saws and handheld trimmers to a locked cabinet or to your new home.

Our 5 best clutter busting tips will have your home prepped and ready for showings fast. A well-organized, depersonalized and decluttered home lets the architectural details and special features of your home stand out to buyers.  When you are ready to list your home, call Century 21 Broadhurst!