Packing and moving your belongings is a chore, even if you're moving to a new dream home. Here are 10 tips from professional movers to help your next move be as smooth as possible.

1. Pay for real moving boxes - This tip is important for a couple of reasons. First, the uniform sizing allows for tighter packing in the trailer and eliminates wasted space. Second, boxes manufactured specifically for moving have clear weight capacities to follow. Dumpster diving for empty boxes behind the local grocery store might sound like a good way to save money until something priceless gets crushed or damaged because the box wasn't made to handle the weight of the item.

2. Number boxes by weight - This tip helps you (or your mover) more easily see which boxes are heaviest and should be on the bottom and which boxes are lighter or fragile. Number from one to five with one being reserved for the very heaviest boxes and five for the lightest and most fragile boxed items.

3. Use smaller boxes for heavier items - Use the smallest boxes (small or medium) for the heaviest items as much as possible and reserve the larger boxes for lighter items. This tip helps you avoid back-breaking super heavy extra-large boxes.

4. Create a list of contents - For boxes with a variety of miscellaneous items, create a list of the contents as you pack the box. Fold the list and place into a resealable sandwich bag that gets taped to the side of the box - similar to a packing list. This will save you time in your new home digging through boxes looking for a particular item.

5. Stack finished boxes near the front door - This tip gets boxes ready for easy transfer from the house to a trailer or moving container.

6. Invest in mattress boxes - While more pricey than the standard mattress bags most people go with, investing in mattress boxes prevents damage - particularly to the box spring mattress - better than a mattress bag that can allow the mattress to be bent or broken.

7. Don't use newspaper as a packing material - Ink-free newsprint-style paper is not terribly expensive and will save you a ton of time from not having to wash newspaper ink off everything as you unpack in the new home.

8. Use multiple materials for packing - Different types of items fare better with different types of packing material. And using more than one type of packing material can help better secure items to prevent movement and breakage during the move. Paper, foam sheets, bubble wrap and foam peanuts can help you pack any kind of item as securely as possible.

9. Wrap corners of furniture to prevent damage - Use foam padding and plastic wrap made for moving to protect corners and edges of furniture items. You can also wrap dresser drawers in plastic wrap without removing items for easy reassembly and unpacking at the new home.

10. Use the right equipment - Choose a hand truck rental with inflatable wheels instead of solid tires. Inflatable wheels are better for moving heavy items and easier to use with stairs or in bad weather. Don't forget to rent a lifting strap to help safely transfer heavy items to the hand truck without injuring your back.

These 10 pro mover tips will help your next move be smoother and easier. As an added bonus, it helps you avoid injuries if you'll be moving the items yourself.