My House Won't Sell!  When you're trying to sell your home, you want to entice potential buyers - not send them running away in disgust. We're breaking down the top things that turn away potential buyers and can compromise your home sale.

1. Hoarding - If walking in the front door reminds buyers of an episode of the TV show, Hoarders, that is a red flag. Even a little clutter can be a deal-breaker. However, if a buyer has to walk sideways through a pathway of junk to tour your home, they're more likely to walk back out the front door and head to the next home on their list.

2. Pests - No one likes bugs in their home. Seeing termites, roaches, mice or the evidence they hang around in the home is a major turn off. Buyers don't want to go through a costly extermination process before they can move into their new home.

3. Filth - Layers of dirt or grime built up, even in places rarely cleaned such as the top of the ceiling fan or top of the refrigerator, gives the impression of general filthiness. Buyers see filth and assume there is far more grody grime they don't see.

4. Trash - An open, exposed and smelly trash can not only contributes bad odor but can also attract insects and rodents. Even worse is trash left lying around on counters and tables. Buyers would rather not know where you ordered take-out from the night before.

5. Dirty Laundry - Piles and overflowing bins of dirty laundry don't just smell rank, they add to the impression of dirt and filth that sends buyers running out the door for the nearest jumbo bottle of sanitizer.

6. Neglect - Signs of neglect and disrepair are a red flag for potential buyers. If you've neglected the small things, it's not a stretch to assume you've neglected big things such as roof repairs, termite prevention, HVAC maintenance and other normal upkeep that is part of home ownership.

7. Furry Friends - While many people have pets, a number of people have allergies to certain types of pets or are even afraid of them. Pets also have their own unique odors that you might be used to but could be deeply off-putting to a buyer.

Knowing what sends potential buyers running for the hills helps you understand what turn offs to avoid. Take care of these issues before you list your home.  Make sure your home stands out for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.