Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen at any time. This is just one of many reasons insurance is so important. Of course, there are the big national insurance companies, however, nothing really beats personal face-to-face service. Plus, there are types of insurance coverage you might need information on that are specific to this area, such as wind and hail insurance, that you really want local expertise for. Here are the top local insurance providers most recommended by Myrtle Beach residents.

Property, Casualty and Business Insurance

There are a number of specific insurance types that fall into the property and casualty category, such as automobile, homeowners, renters, watercraft/boat, wind and hail, flood and even special insurance for vacation rentals. Business insurance could include restaurant insurance, non-profit, standard business liability, workman's compensation and even business cybersecurity liability insurance. Let's take a look at the top choices in this category.

John T. Cooke & Associates
Known for: Offer a wide range of personal insurance products, such as vehicle, homeowners, flood, vacation rental and renter's insurance. Business insurance products include different types of businesses as well as general commercial insurance products, including restaurant insurance, non-profit, business cybersecurity liability and a range of general commercial liability insurance offerings.

Tilghman Insurance 
Known for: Complete range of insurance products such as auto, homeowners, wind and hail, watercraft and more. Business insurance products go far beyond basic business liability coverage and can customize commercial coverage to meet the needs of your business.

Field Insurance Agency
Known for: Great options for both lines of insurance products - personal and commercial. Personal insurance products include the usual automobile, homeowners, separate personal property policies, watercraft, motorcycle and wind and hail insurance coverage. Commercial insurance products include workman's compensation, business liability, commercial property insurance and more.

Life and Health Insurance

Perhaps one of the more difficult types of insurance coverage to navigate currently, health insurance is a hot topic in every community. Local insurance agencies are better equipped to help customers work through the various options and make sure they are getting the best coverage for them and their family. Life insurance can be similarly complex with term, whole life and universal life options to factor into your decision. Here are the top companies locals prefer for help sorting out their health insurance and life insurance needs.
Note: Some of these companies might also offer products like those in the previous section, however, they appear here because they do a terrific job with life and health insurance needs.

Client First, Inc. of South Carolina
Known for: Expertise with health and life insurance options. Specialize in both individual policies and employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Can also assist with other types of group plans, disability insurance - short and long term, vision/dental and more.

Lowcountry Insurance
Known for: Great service and expertise in health and life insurance. Can help clients navigate the marketplace website and plan options or choose options outside of the marketplace. Can also help with dental insurance and vision insurance plans.

Benefit Insurance Services
Known for: Great range of insurance products, particularly known for their offerings in life and health insurance. Because they work with a number of companies, they can "shop around" to find the best plans to meet your needs.

Insurance - It's the one thing everyone needs but no one wants to have to use. When you move someplace new, we understand that there are likely a number of insurance policies that need to be converted or switched out for South Carolina policies. The insurance companies in our list help simplify this process and help you with this complex task without any lapse in your coverage. Welcome home!