People love their furry family members, so it's not surprising that amenities for pets are more popular than ever in homes across the Grand Strand. Looking for some ideas? We've got a few for animal lovers to consider.

Obstacle and Agility Courses
Of course, we all want our four-legged family members to be healthy and happy. What better way to keep them active than with indoor or outdoor obstacle courses. Inside the home, cat lovers are creating built-in walkways, stairways and "catwalks" along the walls, ceilings and stairwells. Kitties can jump from platform to platform, or just traverse the home without having to set paws on the floor. Meanwhile, outside, dog lovers are turning their yards into mini-agility courses. Who said outside was just for potty time?

Pet-centric Bathing Areas
Tired of crouching over a shivering pup, rinsing fur with cold water from the hose outside? There is a solution. A custom pet-centric bathing area equipped with a comfortably raised grooming tub, luxurious sprayer with adjustable temperature and even hands-free dispensers for pet shampoo. Complete the space with a pet-appropriate hair dryer (fur dryer?) and enough space to shake and run off that fresh-bathed energy.

Interactive Pet Video Chat
Miss your cat or dog while you're at work? Have you ever wished you could just video call and check in on them? You can. There are a number of pet cameras on the market that let you video chat with your dog or cat. Many come equipped with a treat dispenser so you can give them a tasty snack even when you're away at work.

Pet Suites
Why bother with a regular boring dog house or cat tree when you can give your furry kid their own luxury suite? Any space in your home can be transformed into your pet's room of their own. Create a comfy bed with a pet-sized memory foam mattress and a soft fuzzy blanket to snuggle for the ultimate of cat naps. Add a flat screen TV for your pup's favorite shows and a basket full of his favorite toys to make this special space complete.

Pets are family. Our homes are their homes too. These creative pet home amenities make caring for your pet easier and provide the pampering they deserve.