Faux pas (noun): A significant or embarrassing mistake or error; a blunder

By definition, a faux pas is simply a mistake... though often an embarrassing one. When you're selling your home, there are a number of faux pas that can turn an ordinary showing into a major turn-off for buyers. Here are a few big bathroom faux pas you'll want to avoid when selling your home.

1. Cigarette smell/ashtray/cigarette butts - When the weather outside is rainy, snowy, humid or freezing, there are a number of smokers who opt for a bathroom and run the fan instead of stepping outside. Few things turn off potential buyers quite like opening a bathroom door to trapped stale smoke smell, and worse, ashtrays and cigarette butts lingering around. Avoid this faux pas by nixing all smoking indoors and addressing any odors before you list the home for sale.

2. Forgetting to flush - This one might give you the giggles but it's no laughing matter to an unsuspecting buyer touring your bathroom. And you'd be surprised how frequently some agents have encountered this uncomfortable situation while showing a home. This one has an easy remedy - always flush!

3. Improper artwork - Everyone has different taste in artwork so it's important to avoid art that buyers could find offensive. One such example is art that depicts nakedness. This faux pas also has an easy fix - remove any questionable or "avant garde" art that could make a buyer uncomfortable.

4. Funky colors - Unusual, loud or funky colors in a bathroom tend to be overwhelming due to the size of the room. It's always best to stick with neutrals that help any buyer envision themselves in your bathroom. Just be sure to also avoid faux pas number 5...

5. All white everything - White walls, white counters, white floors, white cabinets... not only is all that white harsh on the eye, but an all white bathroom highlights every tiny speck of dirt like a giant spotlight. This gives buyers an impression of grime that wouldn't happen if everything wasn't so... white.

6. Too wordy - While word-themed art is very popular, be careful how you use it in the bathroom. An innocent "Go Big" might be inspirational to you but if hung too close to the toilet, it conveys a completely different message to buyers.

These 6 bathroom faux pas might sound obvious but you'd be surprised how often they happen. You can avoid similar faux pas throughout your home simply by "touring" your home as if you were a buyer. And of course, your Century 21 Broadhurst agent can help!