Should you sell your home in the fall? Absolutely! The market is still hopping and there's fewer homes listed - which means less competition from other listings compared to the typically hot spring and summer selling seasons. Even better? Cozy seasonal staging taps into the pumpkin spice, hayride and sweaters feelings of autumn. Here's how to do it right:

Tip 1: Start with Curb Appeal
Accent your entryway with wheat and corn stalks, fall foliage wreaths and potted mums in rich fall colors. Keep an eye on any pumpkins or gourds you use outdoors for signs of rot or animal nibbles. Make sure to keep leaves raked up and the yard clear to maintain a clean and inviting front entrance.

Tip 2: Change Colors Inside
Mimic the changing colors outside by changing the accent colors inside your home. Cozy throw blankets, accent pillows, accent rugs and kitchen and bath decor in warm, rich fall colors of orange, golden yellow and deep red bring the colors of the season into your home.

Tip 3: Lighten Up
Fall brings shorter days and earlier dusks. Turn on extra lamps to add more light as the daylight dwindles. If you have a fireplace, a crackly fire adds both warmth and light.

Tip 4: The Nose Knows
One of the joys of fall are the comforting smells. Crisp apple, cinnamon and the ever-popular pumpkin spice say autumn with scent. Be careful not to overdo the scent profile in your home though or you could end up overwhelming buyers' senses instead of enticing them. It's best to choose one primary scent and use it wisely.

Tip 5: Set the Table
Few things evoke an emotional reaction like the fall holidays, particularly Thanksgiving. Set the table with fall-themed extravagance for an inviting and elegant scene that buyers can imagine their family and friends enjoying.

You don't have to wait for spring to sell your home. Fall has some great advantages for sellers and opportunities to create a special kind of ambiance only possible this time of year.