If you've been considering selling your home but simply waiting for the right time to take the leap, our six telltale signs for knowing when it's a great time to sell your home should help!

1. It's springtime! More specifically, it's the month of May. Homes listed during the month of May traditionally sell almost 20% faster than any other month of the year - and for higher prices.

2. You're out of space! If you have already done a major purge of all those unused items and clothing and still feel cramped, you know it's time to sell and find something with a little more breathing room.

3. Your home no longer fits your lifestyle. A great example are empty nesters. Once the kids have all left home, keeping up with a much larger home than you need can get exhausting. It may be worth downsizing to a home that better fits your current lifestyle (and freedom).

4. The neighborhood no longer fits your needs. Neighborhoods change over the years from filled with young families to aging peacefully. If your neighborhood of young business professionals with no children doesn't match your growing family with two kids (so far!) and a dog, it's time to sell.

5. You've got equity and selling will make you some major cash! If you've built up a decent amount of equity and other homes in the area are selling for top dollar, it could be your best time to cash in on the current seller's market. Your profits can help you pay off other debts and find your next home or great adventure.

6. You've become a stalker-of another home. If you have fallen in love with that cute bungalow for sale the next neighborhood over to the point of obsession, you've obviously fallen out of love with your current home.

How do you know when it's a great time to sell your home? Our 6 signs that it's selling time should help you decide if now is the right time.  Contact Century 21 Broadhurst today.  One of our experienced agents can answer all of your questions about listing and selling your home.