National Spring Cleaning Week was started in 2003 and generally takes place in March each year. However, the practice of "spring cleaning" goes back far longer in the U.S. to at least the 19th century. March is the most common month for spring cleaning as in the days before the vacuum was invented, people harnessed the March breezes to help blow dust out of the house before most insects were out and about. March is also when many stopped using their coal-burning furnaces for the season and thus a good time to wash soot off of walls and furniture. Spring Cleaning is also a good time to spruce up often overlooked spots in the home that collect dust throughout the year.

Many of our quick and easy spring cleaning tips are aided by the handheld attachments for your vacuum cleaner - particularly the brush attachment. Here we go!

1. Clean light fixtures (and with lights off, light bulbs that have collected dust).
2. Clean blades of ceiling fans and the motor case for the fan itself.
3. Clean hanging pendant lamps and light features.
4. Clean in cracks and crevices of furniture like sofas and lounge chairs where food and debris can build up.
5. Vacuum pet hair and dust that has collected on the sides and back of furniture.
6. Remove stored items from the tops of cabinets and tall appliances, vacuum up dust and debris before replacing items that absolutely must go back.
7. If curtains are washable, take them down and toss in the washing machine. If dry-clean only, a good once-over with the vacuum attachment and spray down with a fabric refresher spray will have window treatments freshened up without the harsh chemicals required for dry cleaning.
8. Sort through refrigerator and throw away everything that has expired.
9. Sort through the pantry and throw away all food that has expired there.
10. Check under cabinets for items and cleaners you rarely use and toss them. Neatly organize what's left.
11. Perform a quick purge in your closet. Take a large moving box with you and look at each item in your closet. If you can't remember the last time you wore it and have no concrete plans to wear it again, toss it in the box for donation to charity. Move quickly and decisively. Organize the items that remain.
12. Lock all windows to keep out leaks, use a window cleaner that connects to your water house and spray down windows outside for clean glass in record time.
13. Clean away cobwebs in corners, along ceilings and around vents. If your vacuum attachment will reach, that is ideal. If not, a brand new plastic bristle broom from a dollar store will do the trick.
14, For wooden cabinets, to clean and polish at once, use a polishing wood soap and an old rag to wipe down cabinets in the kitchen and bath. This removes grease and grime and helps keep them looking like new.
15. Use a damp sponge mop with cleaner applied to the sponge, to clean down grimy baseboards without bending and back pain.

Our handy 15 tips provide ideas for cleaning and organizing that often gets overlooked during the year. Just because spring cleaning implies deep cleaning, doesn't mean it can't be faster and easier using vacuum attachments and less exhausting using shortcuts that help you reach dirt above and below without tons of effort. Century 21 Broadhurst wishes you a happy Spring Cleaning Week!