As the days grow shorter and temperatures begin to drop, the need for preparing your home for winter becomes a priority. This is especially true for people who plan on selling their home in the next few months. Whether you plan on selling during the winter or later on in the year, you’ll need to get the ball moving on winter home improvement projects that will keep your home warm, safe, and ready for the cold weather. If you’re unsure of where to start, our team has put together some ideas of home improvement projects to get your home ready for winter and ready to be put on the market! 


Inspect Your Roof and Foundation

Your roof is one of the first lines of defense against the snow or rain, and having one that is compromised leaves your home at risk for damage. Check for loose or missing shingles or any other visible signs of wear and tear. If you notice signs of damage, contact a local roofing company to help you make a decision on how to best assess the current situation. Fixing your roof will not only keep your home warm and safe during the winter, but it will also prevent issues with failed inspections during the selling process. 


Insulate Windows and Doors

Nobody wants to have to pay for high heating and electric bills, especially when they could be prevented. Windows and doors are huge instigators when it comes to poor insulation. Make sure these areas are properly sealed and not leaking out warm air––or letting cool air in––by adding in caulking or weahterstripping to properly seal any areas where air could escape. This is going to help you save money on utilities while also providing an additional level of value to your home.


Add in an Outdoor Firepit

Not all home improvement projects need to be boring. Insights from top agents suggest that fire pits are a very popular feature on homes this year. Use this to your advantage! You can either go all out and have a built-in fireplace installed, or you could go the easier route and purchase one that requires less assembly. Either way, you can enjoy the firepit while you are still living in the home and then use it to your advantage when you list your home on the market. It’s a win-win situation!

Clean Out Your Gutters

The leaves changing colors during the autumn months is beautiful, but when they fall into your gutters, they can wreak havoc. Cleaning your gutters isn’t fun, but it is a necessary chore to complete before it starts snowing. Your gutters are designed to prevent flooding and water damage, and having them filled with leaves isn’t going to do you any good. Clean them out and consider adding a gutter protection system that uses materials like mesh to filter out the leaves, leaving your gutters free from debris.


Myrtle Beach might not have the harshest of winters, but it’s still important to get on top of any winterization projects as soon as possible! If you’re in need of a team of experts to help you along with the selling process, Century21 Broadhurst is here for you! Contact us today for more information.