Most people think in terms of cities versus suburbs. Rarely do you hear about exurbs, once known as "commuter towns". Let's take a closer look at exurbs and where they can be found in along the Grand Strand.


What are Exurbs?

Exurbs are cities, towns and neighborhoods that are beyond suburbs, making up the outer part of many Metropolitan Designated Areas (MDAs). Exurbs tend to be in more rural areas or right on the cusp of rural areas. If one works in the city, the exurbs represent the farther commute from home to work, hence their former name "commuter towns". While suburbs are still relatively close to schools, shopping, entertainment and the city, exurbs are more remote and usually far less congested and much quieter.


Pros and Cons of Exurbs

Like any area, there are pros and cons to living in the exurbs. The pros include more available land with bigger lots, more privacy, fewer close-by neighbors, lower population density, less traffic, less noise and less crime. The cons include fewer transportation options as public transportation rarely services these areas, less walkable as things are generally more spread out and take longer to get to, necessities are farther away (grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations) and exurbs are less likely to have sidewalks. Sidewalks are a particular concern for children, the elderly and disabled who rely on sidewalks to safely navigate outdoors.


Exurbs of the Grand Strand

Wondering what towns and areas make up the exurbs of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand? On the north end of the Strand, areas such as Longs, Loris and Green Sea are popular exurbs. Midway down the Strand, the outer parts of Conway, Aynor and Galivants Ferry are popular exurbs. Exurbs toward the south end of the Strand include Bucksport and Plantersville. There are a number of communities in the exurb areas around the Grand Strand so this list isn't exhaustive.

As more cities continue to grow, they'll expand and begin to absorb the existing suburbs and exurbs. As this process happens, new suburbs and exurbs will form over time.