Relocating is A Big Decision

If you've been considering relocating, you might consider Myrtle Beach. Long known as a top vacation destination, living in Myrtle Beach comes with tons of perks.  Why Relocate to Myrtle Beach? Here are just a few of the benefits of coastal living here in the Grand Strand.

- The Beaches! Sixty miles of stunning beaches and crashing ocean waves make up the Grand Strand, which includes Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities.

- The Weather! Myrtle Beach boasts 215 sunny days per year and an average annual temperature of 74˚F. The semi-tropical climate means fewer chilly days than other areas and lots of sunshine to enjoy those beautiful beaches.

- The Home Prices! Myrtle Beach offers some of the most competitive home prices along the east coast. And many area communities provide an array of amenities to entice buyers to choose them for their next home, adding even more value for home-buyers (and homeowners).

- The Southern Hospitality! Warm and friendly locals embody the true spirit of southern hospitality. Anyone who has visited Myrtle Beach can attest to the welcoming spirit of the area.

- The Community! Part of that southern hospitality is a strong focus on community. Being a part of our thriving community is important with several professional organizations, religious organizations, charity events, community service groups, social get-togethers, networking groups, and hobby enthusiast clubs to choose from.

Relocating is a big decision, but relocating to Myrtle Beach might be an easy one. If sandy beaches, flip flops, sweet tea, and southern hospitality sound like your speed, then Myrtle Beach is the place to be.  Contact a Century 21 Broadhurst agent today for more information about homes in this area.