Spring and summer are known as the prime selling seasons for real estate. Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, offering up the best backdrop for that all-important curb appeal. However, winter may actually be a better time to buy, especially in areas of the country with milder winters like Myrtle Beach. Have you been waiting for the season to change to buy your new home in Myrtle Beach? Here are a few reasons winter is the best time to buy a home in Myrtle Beach.  So, kick that conventional thinking to the curb, and start looking at homes today with Century 21 Broadhurst!

- Home prices are typically lower in the winter as it's considered the "off-season".

- Sellers who list their homes in the winter know they could potentially fetch a better price in the conventional selling season so they're often selling for different reasons such as relocating for work or moving to care for family. They're more motivated to sell quickly and more likely to negotiate instead of holding out for additional offers.

- Fewer buyers to compete with for the home you really want and more room to negotiate with the seller without worrying about another buyer snatching the contract out from under you.

- Lower likelihood that multiple offers on your dream home will create a bidding war.

- You'll get more face-time with your real estate agent. With winter being a slower selling season, real estate agents often have more time to devote to each client in the winter months.

- You get to see first hand how well-maintained the home's structure is such as the roof and gutters and how they hold up in rainy or cold weather. You also get to see how efficient the heating and plumbing are when the temperature plummets.

In a hot real estate market like Myrtle Beach, your chances of scoring a great home at a killer price are better in the winter. Less competition and more motivated sellers mean the house of your dreams is within reach if you keep an open mind and plan to buy your new home before the spring flowers start blooming. Happy home hunting!