Ready to buy a home in the Myrtle Beach area but not sure how to get started? So many considerations go into choosing a new home and with so many options and unique communities throughout the Grand Strand, just figuring out where to begin can be a confusing task. Our checklist helps you start narrowing in on where to begin your Myrtle Beach home search:

Selecting Desired Communities
The Grand Strand offers a 60 mile stretch of unique communities to choose from. Deciding which ones are the best fit for you and your family come down to priorities. If you have children, communities known for being family-friendly such as Carolina Forest, Forestbrook or Surfside Beach are worth considering. If you don't have kids in the home, you might consider your preferred lifestyle when selecting communities. If you're into dancing The Shag and enjoying a more upscale nightlife, North Myrtle Beach may be just the place for you. If sweet tea on the porch at sunset after a day of exploring nature is more your speed, Pawleys Island could be just right for you. To learn more about Grand Strand communities click here <hyperlink to>

Compiling a List of "Must Haves"
Once you have an idea of where along the Grand Strand you'd like to look, you'll want to compile a list of must haves to share with your realtor. Your list should include minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require. You should also include any physical limitations you may have such as no stairs or handicap accessibility (don't forget about the needs of family that may visit you at your new home). If you have pets, do you require a yard? What can't you live without? How many vehicles do you need parking space for? Do you own any recreational vehicles like a boat or jet skis you need storage space for? When you finish your list of must haves, review it with a discerning eye and make sure every item on it is absolutely essential. Your realtor needs to know what your deal-breakers are when selecting homes to show you. You can prepare a separate list of "Nice to Haves" for things you'd like to have but aren't necessarily essential.

Choosing a Realtor
Selecting a realtor to work with on your Myrtle Beach home search is a big decision. You want to choose someone you feel comfortable providing honest feedback to when you tour homes. You want a realtor who will be in town and available when you would like to look at houses. If you want to begin touring homes in March, you don't want a realtor who will be on a month-long retreat in Wales in March. You'll want to discuss your ideal communities and must haves list with your potential realtor to make sure they understand your needs and the areas you're interested in.

Keeping an Open Mind
Perhaps the most important part of your Myrtle Beach home search is keeping an open mind. If your realtor finds a home that meets all of your must haves and many of your nice to haves but it happens to be in a community that isn't on your target list, have an open mind and tour the home your realtor wants to show you. Let your realtor put their expertise and experience to work for you. Even if a particular home isn't the right fit, your feedback helps your real estate agent zero in on the home that will be just right.

Searching for a new home can be a process. Using our checklist to get started on your search for your new home in the Myrtle Beach area helps you narrow down the vast array of options into a more manageable list that you can tackle with your realtor to find your dream home.